Insurance Claims Unlimited (ICU)

Who We Are:

tampaInsurance Claims Unlimited (ICU) is a Florida based independent insurance adjusting firm founded in 2005 on the principles of high quality customer relationships and personalized client-based services at its core. The mission behind our principles was simple:

ICU wants to provide comprehensive, accurate claims management and adjustment services based on the unique requirements of each client and their policyholders.

We started locally in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with this principled frame of mind and it has allowed us to extend our coverage to areas now in nine (9) states: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.

Committed to You and Your Policyholders:

commitmentIntegrity is the backbone of our professional expertise at ICU. To settle your claims you need all the details, perspectives and facts necessary, and that is what we are committed to give you.

We are in the business of moving people forward helping everyone get back to the things that matter. As your business partner we always act with professionalism and respect towards your policyholders to bring the fastest resolution possible. We promise to work tirelessly to fulfill every assignment’s needs, completely, every time.

Our Adjusters:

adjustersThe adjusters at ICU are second to none. They are the source of our confidence and ability to provide you with the best possible adjustment services. But, if you’re still asking “why should I choose your adjusters?”

This is why:

  • All adjusters are Qualified and Insured, Accredited Claims Adjuster (ACA)
  • Credentials that include: Associate in Claims (AIC), Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), NFIP Flood Certification, HAAG Certification, etc.
  • Small residential losses to your large commercial complex total losses experience; and,
  • Extensive experience with liability claims allowing for thorough task assignments, and investigative support services for the desk adjuster’s claims that need a person on-site.

Our adjuster’s will work hard to gain your trust; settling your claims with efficiency and efficacy. No matter what the job we have the right adjuster for you, and if we don’t we will always point you in the right direction.